Anti Virus Software and Virus Removal

What Can JSE Computing Do For You?

JSE Computing offers you antivirus solutions from the industry leader Kaspersky. They are one of the fastest growing IT security vendors in the world and have been firmly positioned as one of the top vendors of security solutions for endpoint users.

We believe in providing our customers with the best possible solutions to the continuous security threats we are currently facing on the internet.

It’s not just illegal or illicit websites that can infect your device, your system can still be compromised with malware from visiting popular known websites.

JSE Computing will help you in securing your system from all kinds of threats including spam mails, phishing, Trojan horse, malware, etc.

Do We Need An Antivirus Program?

The simple answer is yes. With the online world being currently so dangerous, even the most precautious users can still have their systems compromised.

Without the adequate protection the risk of your personal information being stolen is really high. Antivirus software prevents viruses and other malicious software’s from accessing or damaging files on any device, it will also stop them from interfering with the device’s overall performance.

Kaspersky Antivirus

With Kaspersky we bring you various services that are:

  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security for business
  • Kaspersky Security Centre
  • Kaspersky Security for File Sever
  • Kaspersky Security for Mobile
  • Kaspersky Security for Mail Server
  • Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway
  • Kaspersky Security for Virtualization
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Storage
  • Kaspersky Fraud Prevention

There are also various consumer products of Kaspersky lab available which would include:

  • Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2015
  • Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac
  • Kaspersky Internet Security for Android
  • Kaspersky PURE

The web threats today are prevalent across nearly all the devices that connect to the internet. Let JSE Computing help you in securing your data and also prevent you from becoming a victim of the Web attacks.

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