Cloud Backup

We understand that your data is priceless. It is always good to have a subsequent plan. With Cloud back up you have a secure way to protect and recover your data. That is helping you in safeguarding your project from system failures and get back to normal operation without any loss of data. In JSE Computing, we understand that protecting the vital information is very crucial to an organisation .We do the Cloud backup and Recovery(BUR) by outsourcing data backed up to a Managed Service Provider(MSP) and also by backing up the data to the internal cloud addressing the data protection challenges. With a managed cloud you get:

  • Peak performance: The system performs risk free of losing the data. The fear of system failure and loss of your important data is long gone.
  • Access your files anywhere: Only an internet connection is required for you to access your files from anywhere you want.
  • Data is safe in off-site: Even if a victim of natural disaster, theft or other forms of data loss your files are protected in the cloud.
  • Data encrypted: Your data is encrypted using the most sophisticated encryption algorithm. That means, your files are protected from being spied over.
  • Automatic data de-duplication: As your data is already compressed, so only the bytes that changed in your data will be uploaded to the server saving up a lot of bandwidth.

We are here to protect you!

JSE Computing provides you the ease of use and wide range of control that cloud backup services offer users during recovery. You can choose which functions should happen automatically, yet retain the ability to manage and monitor the entire backup and recovery process anywhere and anytime. Let us take care of your data and we ensure protection against the data loss, leveraging the vendor’s infrastructure and expertise.