Data Migration

What We Do

JSE Computing are an Experienced Data Migration Service Provider. Data migration is the process of transferring data between data storage systems, data formats or computer systems.

Data Migration occurs during an upgrade of existing hardware or transfer to a completely new system. Examples include: migration to or from hardware platform; upgrading a database or migrating to new software; or company-mergers when the parallel systems in the two companies need to be merged into one. We provide solutions for data migration and streamline the process with a combination of data migration software, best-practice methodology, and experienced professional service.

We fully understand the data sources before starting to specify the migration codes and hence we believe that the data migration has to be done effectively and in a controlled environment to assure data integrity, compatibility, low downtime, and security as well as a seamless migration process.

Steps to Success:

Services we provide:

  • Database migration for server upgrade or data centre change.
  • Data migration for database software upgrade.
  • Data migration for changing CRM or ERP software.