Door Fix Case Study

Door Fix Dublin asked us to help them increase efficiencies in their office as they were running three different software systems. The first system was a CRM system called Prospect, which includes all customers contacts details, Prospect is also used for logging problems and enquiries. Door Fix were also running an accounts system called Exchequer and a job management system called FieldMotion.

Door Fix staff were first logging reported problems in Prospect. A member of staff was then manually logging these job details into the FieldMotion system, this information was then allocated to an engineer who would call out and fix the logged problem. Upon completing the job, the engineer would then sign the job off in the FieldMotion system, followed by the office staff manually logging the details into the Prospect system again AND finally into the Exchequer system to process the invoice. To say this system was laborious and causing serious inefficiencies is an understatement! It was getting to the stage were Door Fix were thinking of recruiting more administrative staff to cope with the volume of work.

JSE Computing to the rescue! After a quick recce of the current setup Exchequer and Prospect were windows-based systems on SQL server databases allowing JSE Computing access via ODBC. We were then granted access to the FieldMotion system by its author and all the APIs.

After gaining access to all the systems we then created the FM Integrator system, which allows the end user to pick jobs ready for action from the Prospect system and create them in FieldMotion.

FM Integrator also allows the user to select completed jobs from FieldMotion and create an invoice for that job and mark it as complete in Prospect along with generating an invoice number. Over 14,000 transactions have now gone through this system enabling Door Fix to manage the business without being snowed under with admin.

Door Fix have even recently contacted JSE Computing to enhance the system further with a brand-new customer data sync tool. Which will keep customer information up to date in all 3 business systems without manual administrative intervention.