Just a quick update from us during these crazy times. We’ve been extremely busy at JSE helping our clients old and new to update cyber security, preparing staff PCs for remote working and implementing server updates. One such organisation we worked with to implement these measures to ensure staff safety was Seating Matters where the picture below was taken.

We also received a call on Saturday from a member of the general public who required their laptop to be updated to Windows 10, here’s how the call went.

Customer: “Is that the computer place?”

JSE Computing: “Yes, how can we help?”

Customer: “I need my laptop upgraded to Windows 10 please”

JSE: “Is that for personal use or business use?”

Customer: “Personal”

JSE: “Sorry we only deal with businesses – best take it to PC World/Currys and they will sort you out.”

Anyone in this line of business will know that doing repairs for the general public is a no-no. They don’t value your time and 6 months later will call back “Remember you fixed my laptop a while back… well it’s broken now” as if that was our fault.

5 minutes later they called back. Currys were closed or not answering.

Customer: “Hi, I really need this for my work on Monday”

JSE: “What do you do?”

Customer: “NHS Practitioner and we are running out of computers, so I have to bring it with me.”

JSE: “Bring it straight here!”

So, it has jumped the queue it’s going out the door shortly free of charge!

Big thanks to all the NHS staff and good luck in the fight against COVID-19. We must all help our front line staff anyway we can.

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