Hosted VoIP Solutions

VoIP Technology is one of the most useful technologies in the 21st century. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and  what makes VoIP different from the age-old PSTN is the form of network it utilises. Whilst PSTN uses circuit switched network, VoIP uses the packet switched network. In plain words, VoIP Technology uses the internet to make or receive calls.

Features of our VoIP Solutions include:

Auto attendant enabled systems to handle call management effectively and reduces the costs of call processing. This feature helps you to create your own custom greetings depending on the caller and the time of the call.

Having multiple extensions allows calls to be routed to people, message extensions, or even mailbox only extensions. Virtual extensions are extensions that may not have a physical endpoint or phone connected to them but do take calls, like a message extension where callers get to listen to specialized pre-recorded messages and no one actually answers the call. Calls between extensions, even remote locations are typically free,  saving call charges for many businesses.

A web-based administration control panel interface where your system can be configured, user/account information filed and call detail logs be viewed. A control panel that is intuitive and user friendly goes a long way in making a complete system usable.

Low Cost Setup

As little as £8.99 per handset.

No Switchboard Required

Configure your setup from an internet-based cloud management portal.

Increased Business Efficiency

Increased Business Communication


No Contract Required

You can walk away from our service with just 1 months’ notice.