It might be a bank holiday but not when your customer is part of the Entrepreneurial Seating Matters Family!

These guys are that dynamic you can go into the factory one day and the next there’s a wall down and there’s a new process in place.

Well, this time they have gone even bigger and never mind a wall down they have built a new factory!

Already manufacturing equipment for the health care industry and with the poor-quality PPE coming from the far east decided to do something about it and already have the factory up and running producing high-quality masks – Paragon Health has been established.

It’s been a while since we have been involved in the IT end of business start-up and it’s amazing the amount of equipment we need to purchase to get up and running. PCs, routers, switches, printers, Wi-Fi points, cabling and the provisioning of broadband. Even the phone system falls into the realms of the IT Company now!

Anyway, bank holiday cancelled and the IT is up and running with lots still to do!

Good luck all at Paragon Health. Anyone wishing to purchase Type IIR/ASTM 2 Disposable Surgical Masks can buy them online here at