Office Network Installations

JSE Computing will provide installation of office network keeping in mind that the configured network meets your requirements, and suits your business. Our team consists of highly experience IT professionals to successfully install the office network for you.
Our services includes various networks that is workstations comprising of desktops computers or laptops, network cabling and sockets, servers, network switches, routers, wireless connections and other configured equipment’s.
Along with installation of network, security of the network is also necessary to protect you from any kind of data loss caused due to theft or natural disasters. We understand how important the business related information is to you. JSE Computing not only provides you the service of office network installation but also helps you to secure your network with solutions like migration, hosting and mirroring.

Benefits for you: Network installation facilitates centralized administration and backups, efficient collaboration between employees and also better use of resources.

  • It allows your employees to share printers, scanners, fax machines, copiers and internet connection. So you can just buy one printer rather than 5, also making it easy to maintain.
  • It becomes easy for your employees to share information. Rather than carrying papers or storage media, the information can be put up on a centralized server. The access will be for the authorized person only.
  • Remote access can be given to the employees working from home ensuring that the work is not affected.

We make sure that the professionals working understand the industry standards and make sure that the components installed comply with the industry and national standards.
JSE Computing has a proven track record of meeting the customer’s expectations and the achieving business needs.