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New Services Available at JSE

Since it’s our business-birthday, we want to share with you four exciting services that are available (or will be very soon) at JSE – we know you’ll love them, especially since some are free.

Here’s what’s in the pipeline at JSE Computing…

1. Online training course in detecting phishing and scams; through emails and other online communications

We like to think that we are internet wise, and can detect when something is ‘a bit off’ about an email. Yet when technology is as advanced as it is today, it can be easy to be mislead from time to time… You might wonder if there is any harm in clicking the occasional link, or filling in a form, when you haven’t entered any card details, or lost any money? The answer is YES. Your data and details could be at risk – probably the most valuable aspects of your company! That’s why we’ve created this online class for businesses on how to spot when you’re being scammed. This is available for companies of all sizes, and class times can be altered to suit you. Kapersky certified course, delivered by us.

2. Support group chats for IT issues and technical support

Picture this scene: productivity is booming, you actually get your work finished early for once… and then you press print, and the nightmare unfolds. Unholy noises. Very concerning mechanical banging. The #*@%$! printer is broken again. Thanks to our free Whatsapp groupchat for existing customers, you can get the support you need for technical problems, even out of hours.

3. Marketing and creative writing services

As well as launching your website and creating your online platforms, we can also help with the presentation and descriptions of your products/services. Allow our fully qualified creative writing department add some je ne sais quoi to your advertising. Have you ever experienced the feeling of disappointment when you know your ideas and plans are innovative and unique – but when you type them out or explain them to someone else, your words just aren’t doing them justice? Never again, with JSE Computing writing services. We understand your time is precious, and creating formal advertising and descriptions can steal you away from what’s most important – providing valuable services to your customers. Let us do what we do best, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

4. 24 Hour remote monitoring and management

We are pleased to announce that we now offer 24 hour remote IT monitoring with our RRM service. This means that we can keep an eye on your IT systems, checking for any security risks and internal server errors – essentially working as your own personal IT department from a distance. We will discover and fix any IT problems before you even realise something is wrong. This is a truly premium service which is huge benefit to developing and already established businesses, which helps ensure that technological problems will NEVER block productivity, only aid it.