Welcome on board our new client BWDI Ltd a construction company based in Dungiven.

As per usual the company had been extremely busy and had let their IT fall by the wayside but were eager to move forward and invest in the latest technology and setup to make their lives a lot easier and more productive.

The office was working from a free router and WiFi that came from their ISP and this was pretty unstable frequently dropping all the connections etc, so with the assistance of the company electrician we had the whole place cabled in a day and all the devices and printers were networked via cable back to a proper network switch and business strength Draytek Router.

bwdi cabinet jsecomputing networking

We did a full security scan of all the pcs and upgraded all the security to our Kaspersky Endpoint Security and fully patched all the machines.

BWDI have sites all over the UK and Ireland and so we moved all their documents and drawings to Office 365 and our cloud-based SharePoint solution enabling managed document sharing with full auditing and security worldwide basically.

We also upgraded their CAD Stations to the latest Phillips TouchScreen full HD monitors enabling easy document manipulation and zooming etc.

bwdi touchscreens jsecomputing

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