contingency plan jse computing

One of our customers businesses is completely driven from their Draytek router – their internet, their VOIP, and their Wireless. If it failed – even the power supply failed and they had to wait for a replacement they could be out of action for a couple of days. A standard free ISP router would only give them back internet access!

The firewall rules and network setup inside this particular Draytek would take hours to replicate even after the purchase of a replacement so we purchased the latest Draytek to replace it with. This new one has a slot for 4G sim and an antenna for placement outside so even if the internet goes down 4G will kick in.

Should this one ever fail we can slot the current one we are replacing in and it will be business as normal. One of their staff members could even do it leaving virtually no down time.

What’s your contingency planning like? Contact JSE Computing here to review yours and don’t have your IT fail cause your business to fail!