About us


At JSE Computing, we aim to provide a service that is so well tailored to your business’s IT needs, that it is similar to having your own IT manager.

We support small businesses in the UK and Ireland by providing a proactive service, with everything the customer needs in one place – inside and outside of conventional business hours. We provide a trustworthy, confidential service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


23 Years of Doing What I Love

Hi, I’m John, the owner of JSE Computing. I have been involved with computers for most of my life, starting back in 1981, when I watched my friend’s father build his own computer, a ZX81. My personal journey with IT began when I received my very own ZX Spectrum, one of the first home computers available in the UK, and I spent hours typing in codes and creating programs for it. Looking back 40 years later, it is obvious that a career in IT was inevitable!

A passion turned life path, I pursued a degree in IT at Robert Gordons University, Aberdeen, and retuned for further study at University of Ulster. After a 5-year career in IT, I started my own business in 1998, JSE Computing Ltd.. Now, 23 years later, I am proud to look back at the development of my company, which hosts local clients here in the North of Ireland, and across the globe.


We are pleased to host services and work in collaboration with the following companies: