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Cyber Essentials Certification

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Cyber Essentials certification is a vital cybersecurity accreditation for businesses seeking to protect themselves from cyber threats. This certification demonstrates a commitment to basic but crucial security measures, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality. It encompasses best practices such as secure network configurations, malware protection, access control, and patch management.

Choosing JSE Computing as your partner for achieving Cyber Essentials certification is advantageous due to their partnership with Cybersmart. This collaboration enhances the process, offering expertise and tools that simplify compliance. JSE Computing’s partnership with Cybersmart ensures that your organization receives up-to-date guidance, assessments, and resources, making it easier to navigate the evolving landscape of cyber threats and maintain a strong security posture.

By enlisting JSE Computing and leveraging their partnership with Cybersmart, businesses can fortify their defenses against cyberattacks and safeguard sensitive information.

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